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Main Technical Index
1.Rated AC voltage 220V and frequency 50Hz
2.Max passing current:20A、32A、40A
3.Max.Loading power:4.4KVA、6.6KVA、8.8KVA
4.Over-voltage action cut-off value:260-270VAC
5.over-voltage recover value:248±5VAC
6.Under-voltage action cur-off value:180±5VAC
7.Under-voltage recovery value:Ⅱ:170±5VAC
8.Electricity transmitting delay after cut-off:2-3minutes
9.Action delayed time:1-6 seconds
10.Self power consumption≤2W
11.Electric machinery life≥10
  SGV8 household full-automatic under-voltage delay protector is a new generation of household electrical equipment protector,made by our company according to current city power condition.The control circuit is made up of improved elements.The product is made according to modularization standard.It is of excellent and reliable performances and can work normally under abnormal voltage.When the city Power Voltage exceeds protector action voltage.The Protector will cut off the power quickly and reliably so as to protect electrical equipment and body safety,When the city power voltage recovers normal value.The protector will cut on the power automatically and recover to supply the power.All the functions will be conducted full automatically without manual operation.Double color LED on the panel can indicate the working status of protector.The power is supplied normally when the indicator light is green.The protection function starts and cuts off the power when indicatcor is red.This series of products is of compact structure and beautiful appearance.The installation can be conducted with DZ47(C45)general guide.This product is in great demand in market.The demander can contact with us through telegram or correspondence.
Full-automatic under voltage protection
Input power delay output
Whole normally automatic recovery
Electrical net high voltage protector works normally
Reliable work and long service life
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