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The Dendminating Mode
1.Far from vibration.Radius of capillary should be more than 20mm.the sensor must be impressed by varied temperature at the on trolled object.
2.The temperature in the controlled range could be made with turning the cam,i,e.the temperature goes down with clockwise and goesup with counter clockwise.All the screws on the thermostat have been sealed.
3.Pressing the defrost button for defrosting themostat and so stopping the refrigeration when defrosting.
4.Turning the cam to a position for a FORCE-OFF thermostat when a refrigeratory equipment needs to be stopped temporaily.The power should be cut off if stopping working for a long time.
Installation Dimentions
The Mode Of The Switch
The arrow indicates the temperature rising;The sign C,L,H,3,4,6 are terminals;C,L,H isthe terminal of the SAGINOMYA type;3,4,6 is the terminal of the RANCO type
Product Electric Capabillty Introduction
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